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Usa, Biden elected president: “Now let’s turn the page”

Joe Biden nuovo presidente degli Stati Uniti.



Joe Biden is the new president of the United States. The Democratic candidate has passed the threshold of 270 votes cast by the big voters. The milestone was reached with the 55 electoral votes of California, expressed in the meeting staged in Sacramento. In fact, with California’s 55 electoral votes, Biden wins 302 electors, far exceeding the quorum. In California, CNN reports, Biden won with more than 63% of the votes across the state, while Trump earned about 34%.

Today’s vote formalizes Biden’s victory in the November 3 elections and virtually puts an end to Donald Trump’s attempts to challenge the validity of the electoral process based on allegations of alleged fraud that would have occurred in some key states. The next step will be on January 6, when Congress, in a joint session led by Vice-President Mike Pence, will have to verify and ratify the vote of the Electoral College. Biden and his vice president, Kamala Harris, are then expected to be sworn in on January 20 at noon.

BIDEN’S SPEECH – “In the battle for the soul of America, democracy won. We, the People, voted. Faith in our institutions held up. The integrity of our elections remains intact.” Thus Joe Biden in the speech with which, as anticipated by the staff of the president-elect, he will greet the conclusion of the meeting of the Electoral College and the definitive ratification of his electoral victory. “Now is the time to turn the page, to unite, to heal the wounds” continues Biden’s speech, echoing the tones used on November 7 when his victory was proclaimed that Donald Trump has never recognized, contesting it with dozens of appeals that are were rejected in all legal offices up to the Supreme Court. “As I said throughout the campaign I will be the president of all Americans – continues the speech that Biden will give later – I will be the president of all Americans. I will work hard for those who did not vote for me as well as for those who have me. voted “.

“If someone still did not know it now we know: what beats deep in the hearts of Americans is democracy”, continues Biden, underlining “the right to be heard, to have one’s vote considered, to choose the leaders of our nation “.

“In America, politicians do not take power, it is the people who give it to them”, explains Biden, stressing that “the torch of democracy was lit in this nation a long time ago and we know that nothing – not even a pandemic or an abuse of power – will be able to put out the flame “.

“We have an urgent job ahead of us: to put the pandemic under against in order to vaccinate the nation against this virus”, it continues. The president-elect then stressed the need to provide “immediate economic aid so much needed to so many Americans who are affected today.” And he reiterated his intention to “rebuild our best economy ever”.

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